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Sukhoi Academy Welcomes NDA Aspirants

Sukhoi Academy has earned significant pride in producing excellent candidates for the prestigious National Defence Academy (NDA). Having years of expertise, students rely on us when it comes to finding the best NDA coaching in Chandigarh. By means of avant-garde amenities, a dedicated teaching body, and comprehensive study materials, we intend to foster the potential leaders of the country.

Excelling in the NDA exams is possible only if all the resources are available. As a reputed NDA coaching, Sukhoi Academy makes every possible effort to guide aspirants with all the necessary elements. Counting from interviews to theoretical examinations and physical training, we have everything to lead students to their true north. The optimistic and supportive learning environment enables a transformative effect on their preparation journey.

Engage in our NDA courses to delve into the world of life-changing educational experiences and get the supervision to acquire brilliance in your NDA journey.

Get Well structured NDA Courses

School Education

Bracing yourself for a specific target from an early age can be a final flourish for your preparation path. For that reason, enrolling in a schooling program can serve to effectively prepare the student for the NDA exams. At Sukhoi Academy, we have a dedicated and extensive academy pathway for students of 4th to 12th grade. Students get to work on their NDA preparation along with their standard school syllabus.

Apart from that, we also offer NDA foundation courses for 11th and 12th grades where students get individualized coaching along with regular schooling for an out and out preparation of NDA exams. With our customized approach to coaching, our team ensures that each student gets individualized attention. In addition, we instill core knowledge and skills that help them reach new heights in their NDA aspirations.

Elevated Coaching Experience

Sukhoi Academy offers a comprehensive NDA coaching course to fulfill the varied schedules and requirements of students. Our NDA academy in Chandigarh follows up on a well-organized strategy curated to cater to the NDA entrance exam pattern. Under the guidance of a brilliant team of experienced teachers, students receive the next level of holistic assistance to outshine in their entrance exams.

Students can decide on the short-term or long-term stream according to their inclination. Furthermore, our classroom courses are obtainable in a versatile timeframe of 3 months, 6 months, and one year. With these courses, students stand to inherit facilitating instruction and preparation for the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance exam. Our esteemed faculty, well-organized syllabus, and rigorous training guarantee they are ready to stand ahead of everyone in the NDA exam.

Convenient Online Classes

Sukhoi Academy imparts comprehensive and inclusive online classes established to comply with the requirements of young aspirants making preparations for the National Defence Academy (NDA) entrance exam. In this course, we offer a couple of options together with an online 6-month course, an online crash course, and an online 1-year course. When cadets sign up for these courses, they will be able to take part in live interactive classes, regular evaluations, doubt-clearing sittings, and recorded lectures.

Moreover, we put in all the efforts for the betterment and thorough preparation of our students. Thanks to the competent faculty members and structured curriculum that makes it possible to head up students with flying colors. Therefore, students can have access to a high-quality education from the comfort of their home which ensures convenience and flexibility as well.

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Our academy continuously works with the motive to provide personalized attention and sincere effort to encourage students to succeed in NDA aspirations.


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Amenities Speaking For A Peaceful Preparation Time

Quick Insight Into Our World-class Amenities


Hostel Amenity

At Sukhoi Academy, we are very proud of liberating exceptional accommodation facilities for students enrolling in our NDA institute in Chandigarh. As a reputed name in the NDA coaching field, students can always count on us. We offer separate hostel rooms for boy and girl students with a protected environment.

All of the rooms are kept in a well-appointed and sterile state providing students with an opportunity to grow in a conducive living environment. Our hostel goes the extra mile to ensure the safety of the residents with the help of secure entry and exit points, CCTV surveillance, and regular safety checks.

We have also been covered for providing consistent meal schedules and food of a high standard of quality. Our hostel equips a generous dining area with decent seating where students can enjoy their meals with ease. With a calm and optimal environment, we move forward intending to offer a space where students can perform successfully in school and life.

Practice Field

When joining the Armed Forces, it's extremely important for students to pay heed to their physical fitness. On this account, we offer leading-edge physical training to both boys and girls. Besides, our trainers also focus on glorifying logical aptitude and leadership instilling.

Having retired military personnel as our trainers works like a charm. They provide in-depth wisdom about the everyday responsibilities that the students have to serve in the future. In addition, our students get GTO training, which is an essential aspect in the selection of aspirants for serving the military forces.

By means of personality tests, mock tests, and training drills, our students get a perspective on the selection process for NDA entrance exams. Our training ground operates as a crucible for the ambitious trainees providing a trump card. Owing to these, students develop discipline and self-confidence which obligates them as competent executives.

Book Repository

The library plays a pivotal role in affording aspirants with the wealth of knowledge required to excel in their entrance exams. For that reason, our students at Sukhoi Academy can get access to the well-equipped library.

With the help of books, journals, reference materials, and study resources, students get an upper edge in preparing for their entrance exams. Apart from their classroom learning, the library helps them supplement their knowledge.

From precocious study guides to ordinary textbooks, our library has everything to serve different purposes for students. With the wide array of resources, they can go over basic concepts and advanced topics.

Our considerate library staff vouches to maintain the conducive environment of the library and assist students. Students can take their help for conducting research, locating resources, and getting digital databases. Moreover, it bestows all the tools that help students track their potential and work on themselves to attain their military objectives.

Online and Conventional Classes

At Sukhoi Academy, we offer both online and offline courses; students get to consider the best for themselves. Students get personalized guidance from experienced professionals, so they can outshine in their NDA exam.

When it comes to offline classes, we provide all the amenities to enhance their learning experience. From fully furnished classrooms to modernized educational materials, we intend to impart education with an innovative approach.

With our online classes, we make sure that our students have the opportunity to get brilliant quality education from the relaxed atmosphere of their homes. Students have the access to take part in the virtual classrooms and attend live lectures. Besides this, students can also join doubt-clearing sessions, interactive sessions and access study materials.

Our ultimate motive is to provide personalized attention to each student, despite the fact they join online or offline classes. All aspirants can expect a far-reaching preparation for their NDA entrance exams including all the significant aspects.

Preparatory Material

In order to have the complete elements for preparing for the NDA exams, one needs to have the right study materials. Our devoted team prepares study materials by taking note of the latest exam patterns.

Having said that, our students have the advantage as they get to learn the pattern that they will actually face in the exams. The study materials consist of sample questions, easy explanations, and ultimate examples to build up their concepts.

In addition, our experts on the ground look after their specific subjects to ensure accuracy and relevance. The study materials cover all the subjects from the NDA entrance exam syllabus comprising Mathematics, English, and General Ability Test (GTA).

On top of that, our study materials are reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that they match up to the up-to-date patterns and trends. Students can kick off their preparation journey with the belief that they possess the right content.

Seasoned Trainers

Sukhoi Academy has been working as a groundbreaker adapted to provide profound understanding for aspirants in their quest to make careers in the Armed Forces. Our team has experienced authorities having a high degree of experience in their specific fields.

We have more than 20 years of abundant experience in NDA coaching that helps us instill the most sought-after skills in aspiring candidates.

Over and above that, we are always in the quest for progressive teaching methods to make certain that our students perceive complex topics with ease. Also, each student receives particular focus from the faculty members via counseling, enlightenment, and support in their journey.

Our faculty members have enough experience in teaching kids according to their capabilities at the same time ensuring that they are not under unjust pressure. With their extensive knowledge and enhanced training, cadets have a higher chance of cracking the NDA exam.

Facilitate Your NDA Preparation Route With Sukhoi App

We have developed the Sukhoi learning app with an eye to providing maximum assistance from our side. Being committed to providing excellence, we are always looking out for ways that can enhance the learning approach for our students. With our app, students can have access to ample preparation for their NDA entrance exams. On the Sukhoi application, students can witness a great number of features and perks that will amplify their preparation.

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